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How to get back on track: 6 tips for weight loss after holiday's

Updated: Jan 6

The holiday season is a time of year where many people eat more than they should and make poor decisions. It can be difficult to get back on track after the holidays, but it doesn't have to be! In this blog post, we will discuss 6 tips that will help you lose weight and get back on track after the holidays.

Tip #1 Don't beat yourself up.

It's natural to feel bad after overindulging, but dwelling on your mistakes will only make it harder to get back on track. Accept that you made some poor choices and move on. People tend to feel guilty and ashamed after eating too much which can sometimes lead to even more indulgences- particularly for those who are prone to stress eating. Negative self-talk will only lead to further weight gain and unhappiness. The best way to bounce back from a relapse is to simply forget about all those excess calories and start fresh from the next day.

Tip # 2 Resume your healthy eating right away

It can be hard to resume your healthy eating habits right away, but it’s important that you try. Don't wait until Monday or the start of a new month- START RIGHT AWAY. This way, you won't have as much work to do when you eventually get back on track and you'll already be in the habit of eating healthy.

Plan and prepare your meals ahead of time, so you know exactly what you're going to eat each day. You can use a meal planning app or make lists on paper- whatever works best for YOU!

Remember: it's better to be prepared than sorry! That means no more shopping trips hungry, as well as buying only the food that you need and eating out less.

Don't restrict your diet too much after a relapse. Restricting yourself can lead to further cravings which may eventually cause an even bigger overindulgence than before! Remember, consistency is key.

Tip #3 Consistency over perfection

It's important not to judge yourself too harshly when your weight fluctuates, and try to stay positive. Remember: it's better to be consistent than perfect! Especially during the holidays, there is no such thing as perfection- so don't even try.

Reward yourself for good behaviour

SOME people have a tendency to punish themselves for poor choices, which can lead them down an even worse path. Instead of reprimanding yourself every time you slip up, reward yourself when you're being good!

For example: if you eat healthy all day Monday and Tuesday- treat yourself to something small on Wednesday. If your favourite restaurant is offering a holiday dessert special, go ahead and order it! Just make sure that the rewards are something small and don't undo all your hard work. This way, you'll stay motivated to continue being good and eventually reach your goals.

Stay positive.

Tip #4 Set realistic goals.

One of the most important things to remember when trying to lose weight is that your goals should be realistic. Don't set yourself up for disappointment by aiming too high, as this can lead to feelings of frustration and defeat.

Try setting goals such as "I will eat three healthy meals per day" or "I will work out for 30 minutes every day this week."

These are attainable goals that will help you stay on track, without overwhelming you.

Take it one step at a time.

When you're trying to get back on track after a weight loss relapse, it's important to take things one step at a time. Don't try to do too much all at once, as this will only set you up for failure.

Focus on one goal at a time and gradually increase the difficulty as you progress. This way, you'll be more likely to succeed and less likely to feel discouraged.

Tip # 5 Weigh yourself occasionally.

Although it's important not to weigh yourself too often, it can be helpful to monitor your weight occasionally. A lot of people lose track of how much they weigh if they haven't weighed themselves in a while, so this can be helpful to keep you on track!

Don't stress out about it too much. Weighing yourself every now and again is completely fine- just don't let it get TOO stressful.

Remember that weight fluctuations are normal, so try not to get too upset if the number isn't exactly where you want it to be.

Tip # 6 Build sustainable habits one step at a time.

One of the best ways to ensure that you stay on track is by building sustainable habits. This means that your new habits should be something that you can stick to long-term, without too much difficulty.

Focus on adding one or two healthy habits at a time and gradually increase the difficulty as you progress. This way, you'll be more likely to succeed and less likely to feel discouraged.

Avoid being too hard on yourself. It's important not to be TOO harsh with yourself, as this can lead you down an even worse path. If your weight fluctuates a few kilos over the course of a week or so- don't panic! Everyone has fluctuations every now and then, so try to remain calm and move on.

Take a break every now and then. It's important to take breaks during your weight loss journey, as this will help you avoid burnout. If you're feeling overwhelmed or like you can't do it anymore, take a break! Relax for a day or two and then get back to it. You'll be surprised at how much stronger your resolve will be after taking a breather.

Make sure you're eating enough. Many people make the mistake of skipping meals in an attempt to lose weight more quickly- but this can actually lead to weight gain!

When you're trying to get back on track, it's important to remember that being too hard on yourself will only set you up for failure. Make sure that your new habits are sustainable and try not to stress out about things too much- this way, you'll have a greater chance of succeeding!

Don't let holiday weight gain discourage you- try these 6 tips next time!

Happy New Year! Let's make this year our best yet! Wishing everyone all the best in their weight loss journey.

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