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Ways to burn belly fat backed by science

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Are you eating well and exercising 4-5 times per week but still finding it difficult to lose your belly fat?

In order to lose belly fat, 94% of the people launch a hard 5-6 days of exercise program. They start cutting down the food or introduce a diet program. At the beginning of the new program people start to see changes but as they move into the program the results are short lived. So they start cutting down more food and introduce more vigorous training. After months of training they are still not happy because of the fat they carry around the waistline. As the months pass by people get demotivated due to the lack of results and they quit gym.

I have trained many clients and I see this happening every time. So what is wrong with this? To help you understand, let me introduce you to the Golden Triangle which Dr Paul has explained us to understand what is metabolism and how it relates to the body we want.

The Golden Triangle has the three key aspects your program must achieve for success.

At the top is the body composition – how much fat and fat-free mass you have. This determines your physical shape or how you look. Equally as important are, how you function and how you feel. All three are equally important.

For e.g there is no point to get lean if you are falling asleep at the desk at 3pm or your strength and stamina start plummeting when you are coming back from work. To Optimise health, you need a constant supply of nutrients from a wide variety of foods. There is no point in getting lean by restricting your nutritional choices to such an extent that your health and energy levels constantly suffer.

So what is the biggest mistake people do when it comes to fat loss? The biggest mistake people make when they try to lose weight is they chase the top of the triangle (body composition) without addressing the other sides. They just fix their focus on amount of weight they want to lose, or a dress size to be fit into or look good for a special occasion. For this to achieve they start cutting down food, launch a hard-core exercise of 4-5 days per week.


Endless hours of Cardio + Restrictive diet = Fat loss


Endless hours of cardio + Restrictive diet = lower Muscle Mass (Fat burning tissue) = Lower Metabolism = Fat Gain!

When you chase the top of the Golden Triangle without addressing the other sides, benefits gain if any are short-lived. So what helps to lose belly fat permanently?

To achieve permanent results, we need to construct correct Metabolism. So what is metabolism and how it relates to the body we want? Metabolism is a very general term used to describe the billions of complex chemical reactions that results in the transfer of energy – from the food we eat to the processes that keeps us alive and functioning every day. It is an environment that ultimately determines how we look (body composition), how we function (energy production) and how we feel (health). Now we have established what metabolism is and what it does, now let’s address how it relates to achieving the body of our dreams!

Building muscle mass to improve body shape

We have been conditioned to look at the exercise as the most important thing when it comes to losing fat, but Muscle is by far the most metabolically active tissue. It accounts for roughly 66% of the calories you burn in a day. Exercise is 17% and feeding is 12%. As we get older, we lose the capacity to preserve muscle mass and replace it with fat. This is underlying issues of unwanted fat gain, cardiovascular and diabetes. Learn to Muscle Up!

Building muscle increase metabolic rate (which for our purpose means at which body burns energy at rest). For people who want to shred fat and regain their health, this addresses the core problem. It increases the rate at which the body converts fuel (Carbohydrates, protein and fats) into energy. This is the catalyst for successful body transformation.

Tips On how to train effectively for faster fat loss:

1) The weight training program should focus on developing muscle mass.

2) The most effective is still the barbells, dumbbells and weight stack machine.

3) Focus on exercise that recruits more muscle, they trigger the fastest adaptations most people want.

4) The execution of program is more important than the amount of time spend in the gym.

5) While doing cardio exercise focus on intensity rather than duration of the workout.

6) With your cardio program don’t do the same workout often, vary activity duration and workout intervals.

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