How Does Weight Loss Coaching Work?

When it comes to weight loss the biggest concern I hear is not getting results even after following a strict diet or meal plan.

I have worked with people who are following the diet they were given but still not seeing any results. It is frustrating because it is hard to see someone wanting to lose weight and trying their best, yet no success after all that time of effort!

I completely understand when the goal is to improve your eating habits or to change body composition it can be tempting to want a meal plan.

But while following a meal plan can be tempting and appealing. The fact meal plan has serious limitations

Most importantly they tend to ignore some of the most significant realities about what, when and how much to eat. Food isn't just a fuel it's a way to share time with friends and family, to celebrate holidays and traditions, to savour a special moment. There's no flexibility in what you can eat.

Meals plan actually cause a lot more harm than doing any good.

  • They don't take into account what foods you really love or the foods that make you satisfied and ignore what really matters in life which makes them hard to follow.

  • They can cause you to label foods as being "good" or "bad" and even yourself of being " good" or "bad" when you don't stick to the plan.

  • Meal plans can ultimately leave you feeling deprived and hungry, and in turn, create a lot of guilt and anxiety which is not a good way to live your life.

  • And finally, they keep you on a diet roller coaster because you are either following a diet or not which isn't good for your health.


Instead of a meal plan, we focus on a different approach to eating that is more forgiving, sustainable and healthy called Intuitive Eating.

Intuitive eating focuses on honouring your body's hunger and fullness cues, listening to your inner wisdom about what foods are satisfying for you, and creating a balanced lifestyle that includes nutritious foods as well as pleasure-filled activities.

With this approach, you will learn

  • Learn how to honour your body's natural hunger, fullness and satisfaction signals so you always feel confident in making the right eating choice for yourself at any given time - even if it means breaking free from conventional diet rules.

  • Learn how to view food as nourishment, and not judge yourself for what you eat or how much you weigh - because everyone deserves unconditional self-love and acceptance!

  • Build transformative habits you can sustain for the rest of your life without feeling deprived or restricted.

  • Become your own food detective and learn to listen to the unique cues that will guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • How to eat what you love, when you love it, and how to feel good about yourself no matter what.

  • How to ditch dieting for good and finally feel free from food cravings and anxiety around eating.

  • How to create a healthy relationship with your body, mind and soul - one where you love yourself unconditionally!

  • To exercise in a way that doesn't consume your life, and instead gets you the results you want in an enjoyable and sustainable way.


There are no perfect people... so why follow a meal plan created by someone else? Let us show you how to find what works best for YOU!!

Let us show you the way to a healthier life that is free from guilt around eating.

You deserve it!! Start now! Give us a call!