No Rules.

No Restrictions.

Become the best version of yourself, and stay that way for rest of your life!

Say Goodbye to dieting forever!

Eat your favourite food fearlessly, look and feel great with best personal guidance on life-changing skills!


How do you know if coaching is right for you?

What is your experience....

  • weight gain or inability to lose weight

  • lack of energy and tired of all time

  • tired diet after diet, but results don't stay

  • working-out hard with no results

What do you want....

  • lose weight but stop dieting

  • feeling energised 

  • feel vibrant and confident

  • transform your body in a way that fits your lifestyle

  • love and appreciate yourself more

How do you feel...

  • like you are working so hard but getting nowhere

  • totally defeated 

  • like you are doing everything right

  • frustrated and confused

  • lack of confidence

How will you be supported.....

  • supports and stretches you

  • partners with you find the answers to what is holding you back

  • helps you discover what is right for your unique body

  • guides you to create habit change

  • provides accountability for you to follow through

  • paves a way for you see life through fresh eyes

  • is your guide for creating the health and life you’ve been dreaming of

Ram Veeraraghavan

Kasturi has been a source of inspiration for what she has achieved as a fitness expert and I feel confident that I am guided professionally in achieving my fitness goals. She has a vast knowledge in metabolic-precision training and helps her clients to achieve specific goals. Kasturi understands one’s limitations and tunes the fitness plans according to individual capacity and considering all constraints. I don’t have any hesitation to recommend her to help achieve your health/fitness goals as she gives the care and at the same time being assertive to push the boundaries. I have enjoyed training with her and wish her all the success.